Try Elastic Shoelaces and You Will Never Have to Tie Them Again

The MiniLacci are shoelaces that have an ingenious quick coupling system that combined with the elasticity of the fabric, will ensure that you no longer have to make or undo knots, trip over laces that are too long and you will always have your sneaker in perfect order! They can be used in adult shoes: sneakers, casual shoes, work shoes and in children's shoes. You can choose them from the many colors available: white, black, brown, green, fuchsia, blue, silver, gold, glitter, gray, yellow and the new flat version in black or white velvet. Below you can comfortably see all the available models with which you can create your unique style, having fun every time to customize your shoe! For any questions, TentazioneShop can help you choose the lace that's right for you; contact us for any information, visit the page with the instructions for applying the MiniLaces or watch the video presentation in which we show you how the elastic laces work quickly

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