Polishes, dyes and waterproofing shoes

Polishes, dyes and waterproofing-everything you need for the best cleaning and maintenance of your favorite shoes.

Slows down the wear of shoes and prevents them from being damaged early by using the specific products that you find comfortably listed here in our online shop, they are items for years on the shoe market entirely made in Italy:

  • Cream polishes available in the main colors (if you are not sure buy the neutral color)
  • Professional dyes for shoemakers Nero d'inferno
  • Waterproofing and nourishing grease for nubuck, calfskin and suede leather
  • Brushes can be used for cleaning bags, shoes or for applying polishing creams

If you are in difficulty we can help you without problems to choose the product that suits you, contact us for any information and advice also on App

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