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I thought of writing this article after, in recent months, many customers in the store have asked us for more or less detailed information regarding the brand of women's footwear Tamaris .

The main questions were: Who am I? Where do they produce?

By gathering detailed information on financial sites and by professionals, I summarize here the essentials to answer these doubts. Tamaris is one of the footwear brands, together with Marco Tozzi, Caprice, Jana and S.Oliver, owned by the German company WORTMANN KG.

We are talking about a holding company with a turnover for 2015 of 1,016 million euros, founded 50 years ago and present with 8 offices in Europe and the Far East, and 11 offices in the United States, with 1,200 employees including more than 700 only in Europe. The workforce reaches up to 30,000 workers worldwide.

The owner Horst Wortmann founded the company in Detmond (where the headquarters are still located) in 1967, he is now 75 years old and has personally followed the growth of the group taking it today to the first place as a production of footwear in Europe for a total of 50 million shoes per year.

Over the years Mr. Wortmann has collected numerous and prestigious international awards that I am not listing and we still find him in 1476 place in the ranking of the richest people of Forbes magazine. Starting from May 2016, he left the operational direction to his grandson Jens Beining, remaining however as CEO and main shareholder of Wortmann KG.

A little curiosity about the name: "Tamaris".

The fantastic adventures of the spaceship Orion Obviously chosen by the founder, "Tamaris" was inspired by the name of the lieutenant Tamara Jagellovsk , one of the protagonists of the German television series of the 60s: "The fantastic adventures of the Orion spaceship ".

Don't ask me the plot I don't like Star Wars either :) ... in any case, by clicking on the link above you will find more information about the series.

The Tamaris client

The customer who regularly purchases Tamaris footwear is a woman who is attentive to the quality / price ratio and at the same time attracted by modern design, all assisted by a convenience that can easily be found even just by trying them 5 minutes in the shop.

Wortmann KG is in fact the licensee of the European patents AntiShokk and Touch it.

AntiShokk: Unique European technology that guarantees the cushioning of the body weight from the heel to the heel thanks to the use of pneumatic chambers and stabilizers inside the heel of the shoe. For more details go to - & gt;

Touch it: Soft cushion placed under the insole of the shoe. It guarantees a soft support of the metatarsal of the foot with every step.

In short, beautiful and comfortable, Tamaris shoes meet the needs of every woman and meet all their uses: from ballerina to sneaker, from ankle boots to decollete and from sandals to flip flops. Style, creativity and a touch of feeling in the colors chosen for the collections have made Tamaris one of the "right" brands for the style girl, in step with the times and ... not negligible detail for shoes adaptable to any occasion .

And here in the store, despite the cold of these days of February, the new collections are already arriving and you think about the fashion trends for Spring Summer 2018: What will the shoes you wear? < / p>

If you are curious you can take a quick look at our catalog of Tamaris shoes, every day it will be updated with the new arrivals so if you want, you can save it among your favorite sites and check from time to time the new models .

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