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We opened our windows to the Temptation of Footwear the first day of march, 1997. Since then, I have passed so many seasons, so many new brands and models, and many of the styles that we have seen the birth and decline in the next few years. But our focus has remained the same: to select and offer only the best of footwear production, listening carefully to the availability and your specific needs.

Now with, our new shop the exclusive on the Internet , dedicated to shoes and accessories, our goal is to offer a sure point of reference and reliable to those who, like you, want to buy footwear, with the possibility to choose among the best brands, models and prices. What differentiates us from our numerous and prestigious competitors is our intention to select the best offers, the most requested models, and new brands more interesting, not only based on our experiences and feelings, but above all on the basis of what is reported and suggested by our own customers.

In short, our ultimate goal is “make you satisfied”, making your online shopping experience pleasant, simple and fruitful. Not only. When we say that we like to listen and “draw” to the advice and suggestions of our customers, we do not say that to make a good impression. Understand it really.

This year we have in fact made it possible for anyone to visit can easily contact you and you can receive our tips and suggestions in a matter of a few hours using the chat on the site (you find it in the bottom right of each page) as well as the fanpage of Facebook, other social network of which you can find the links on the Home Page or by emailing us.

That's not all, to be able to grow and improve, we need many suggestions and much criticism. Therefore, by December 2016, we employ the service of reviews external Feedaty, here you can find our page entrusted to them -> Reviews Certified TentazioneShop.

If you don't know Feedaty is a professional service for the management of the feedback of the users who offer reviews certified of which it undertakes to guarantee the veracity and value. By purchasing on our site, you will receive an email directly from them in which they will ask you simply how you found it. Buying in a shop otherwise you can ask us how to leave quickly and simply to your review in a completely anonymous manner.

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