Payment on TentazioneShop: Choose the Method of Payment Preferred!

You can choose during registration of your order and the payment that you prefer:

  • Delivery
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit card
  • Payment by PayPal, Bank Transfer
  • Credit card is free of charge

Payment made cash on delivery has a small fee of 4 euro. We recommend that, if you choose to pay by bank transfer, send us a copy of the book by fax to 051 825188 or via mail: in order to guarantee the maximum speed in the order processing and delivery.

Site security: All operations of registration of the order and payment on the website TentazioneShop are secure and 100% reliable.

The optimization created by Paper Yes X Pay and PayPal (both of which are using SSL certificates Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 or later of the International Certification Body "Comodo SSL") guarantees the payment of transactions through the customer's Credit Card, in total security.

The confidentiality of the information is also distinguished from the address (URL) of our website, which handles the payment. The address of the payment page, you will note, begins with https:// and not simply http://.

The final “S” indicates that the data are exchanged in total safety and are not visible from the outside by others, thanks to a secure SSL connection.

A further confirmation of the security of the connection is given by the padlock that appears in the lower right corner of your Internet Explorer browser or if using Chrome, in the box where you type the address (URL) before the words "Http".