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Evidence from Spontaneous Customer


Fully satisfied purchase, order on Tuesday evening and the parcel arrived on Thursday afternoon. Professional, fast and serious, congratulations!


I found myself very well, fast service, professional and people very kind.


Thanks, the boots are perfect, and you were very kind and helpful, also for the gift included in the box, excellent service.


Good morning to all. I did purchase a pair of boots I wanted so much to Nero's Gardens, finding it on this site, price and quality unbeatable...delivery, then, has been very rapid. Site to purchase online super recommended.


Simply PERFECT! Excellent sellers, very fast, serious, helpful and kind. Thanks Fabio and Annalisa and Valentina. Comprero' other things soon! Thanks a lot


I was really pleased with both the product (which I already knew) both for your service to the shipping (very fast), and for your courtesy and professionalism. Definitely I will take advantage of your offers, and, if you have a point of sale, you'll find seen that a few times a year I go to Bologna.


Two days, and the sandals are here! Always kind and compassionate! It is the second time that I buy from you, and once again, you are not wrong. To the next then! Thanks


I just received the bag of Cafe Noir, and I'm really pleased with your work! Waiting times very short, the packaging was excellent and the bag is gorgeous! Surely the lighthouse' a new order, thank you very much you are very kind!


Your service was really excellent the shoes are fantastic, just as I wished for the most beautiful day of my life. Thanks a lot to soon.


The seller was great. Polite and reliable. The goods arrived quickly and as described. Appreciated the small gift. Thanks to the next purchase.


Service, serious, professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Perfect delivery time. A pleasure to have purchased on this website. Thanks Fabio


Received the shoes. Perfect. Thanks to the earrings, to the next!


Hi Fabio, the shoes arrived on time and I have to admit that they are simply perfect, thanks for the little gift inserted. I found it and I think that I'll buy again with you.


Reliable and competent service the sandalwood purchased is beautiful and comfortable. Are satisfied completely.


Punctual and precise as ever, the shoes were given to me the day before yesterday, after a day of ordering and are perfect. Cute also earrings. It's always a pleasure to find someone who works seriously. Congratulations again.


At the time of purchase, the staff was always very helpful and polite. Quick delivery, shame that the box of the shoes were poorly packaged and dented. Nice the idea of the gift. Overall, I am satisfied.


Timely, accurate, and correct. Excellent purchase.


My experience was just pleasant! I have followed Fabio, the staff is super friendly and very welcoming I felt truly pampered. I bought the shoes the 26/02 and the 27 me the have delivered. I can and I just have to advise you to buy in full safety and peace of mind. Definitely I will spread the voice among my friends, do you also.


Everything was perfect, beautiful shoes arrived in just 2 days, I found myself very well to the next.


Thanks, the boots are beautiful, even earrings. Have a good day.


Fabio, the shoes arrived in a really spectacular beautiful in an exaggerated way, the high so much that surely I'll walk with crutches in order to avoid to fall (I was wearing only sneakers, always), Thank you for everything you have been friendly and helpful.


Receive all, thank you very efficient!


Very well done, good service also for sending to Austria. Thanks Fabio.


I received the package quickly and with pleasure I inform you that the article conforms to what is required. Thank you and good-bye to the next purchase.


Perfect..I would say


To say that I have found the utmost professionalism is limited! Congratulations to as attention to sales.


I found it very good. Congratulations! Report it to Your site also to my friends.


I do not want to dwell very much so I will only say that so far I have not had experience of best buy, the customer with you is pampered!


Fast shipment, perfect shoes. Just like I wanted. Plus a small gift nice. Very satisfied.


Today I was handed my first order on your e-commerce: accurate, serious, punctual, friendly!!!! Packaging perfect, the product conforms to the pictures and expectations!! I will add to the list of e-commerce that I trust!!! I thank the sig. Fabio for the mail that sent to me in each step of the purchase! Thanks


Fast delivery, great honesty of the seller, perfect item, corresponding to the photo and description. Very satisfied.


I received the package in a very short time and I confirm that the shoes are like on the site, if not the most beautiful. I will keep you in consideration for the next my purchases online. Greetings


I purchased some sandals and I'm very satisfied with both the product and service. Fast, professional and friendly! Thanks!


Courtesy, friendliness and promptness. The adjectives that will compete. Thanks, the shoes are wonderful!


Fast shipping, great product, and even cute gift! Raccomandatissimo


You are wonderful, thanks for the thought has already arrived.


Thanks Fabio, the package has arrived and the shoes are FANTASTIC!!! Thanks again for the availability and professionalism.


Everything was perfect, thank you for your professionalism.


Was Fabio,I received the bag..BEAUTIFUL! thanks for the quickness of the service, to the exquisite courtesy and the most welcome tribute!


Dear Annalisa and Fabio, the order Friday morning it arrived Monday, very precise and on time.. as always.. it is the second purchase that I do but I will surely follow so many others.. Great quality and reliability.. thank You also for the nice tribute.. To the next purchase!!!


It was my first purchase on line. At first I was hesitant but then I have to say that I found myself very well. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. Thanks Fabio


Thank you very much. I received a beautiful clutch bag. The service is impeccable. Ad maiora.


Thank you for the shipment I received the goods on Friday ultrarapidissima! Everything was perfect, I congratulate you for the Vs. service.


Was Fabio ordered a long time ago a beautiful pair of shoe-boots, felt Cafe Noir. Received in two days, thank you so much for everything and for the lovely and useful gift (slabs, wheel loaders)
p.s. Congratulations x the Seriousness - I have conquered!!!


Hello Fabio, the boots arrived yesterday, just two days from order! Thanks for the quick and to the homage included in the package. Now that I know you, I will visit your site more often.


Great shop, utmost professionalism and courtesy. Shipments excellent. Will definitely be back to buy from you.


Hi Fabio! I just wanted to let you know that I received the shoes today and THEY ARE AWESOME! THANK YOU!! Also found the gift packaging in the box which is very handy! I want to thank you for the amazing service and I look forward to dealing with you again! Best wishes, Michael


Ich bin begeistert! Ein perfekter Service, binnen 5 Days hatte ich meine heiß begehrten Sneaker von Café Noir via UPS zu Hause in Empfang genommen. Dank Fabio war es kein Problem sie nach Deutschland zu schicken, vielen, vielen Dank ;-)))


Hello, the shoes arrived yesterday. It was all perfect. Thanks again and have a good day


Thank you very much for the kindness and the expedited shipping of the item I purchased from you


I especially want to thank her not only for her kindness, also for the punctuality and accuracy of the information about the shipment of the shoes. They arrived, they are beautiful and I personally I feel very happy of having purchased them from her. I'll keep an eye on his site without a doubt. I forgot to thank you also for the soles slip! Dear greetings and good day,

Daniela Lara

With this to inform you that the shoes have arrived and in perfect condition. Thank you for the timeliness and the card of the shop.


Hello Fabio, many thanks for the prompt reply and availability.


Hi, yesterday I received the package, Everything is in place!!! perfect!!! Thanks 1000!!! Congratulations to the availability, the correctness and the excellent service!!!!! It was a pleasure to make purchases from you!!!


When they return from work yesterday I had the pleasant surprise of your parcel. The fit is perfect!

Mary Star Of The

I bought shoes, Replay, comfortable and very warm. :) Thanks to Annalisa and Valentina for their valuable advice. ;)


Yesterday evening I have tested the decollete in black with colour heel leather Café Noir and I'm very satisfied!


Very good shop. Dealer friendly and accurate, highly recommended


They made a stir....comfortable and beautiful....